The latest TPC Boston tournament that was concluded turned into a collision between two best buddies.

This was probably inevitable as both Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas have been foreshadowing each other and hence a collision between the two friends was inevitable. This reached a new level when they were both reaching the final rounds at the TPC tournament on Labor Day. Spieth stated that the final round of the game would not be like what the opening playoff rounds had been. In fact, it turned out to be better.

As Dustin Johnson was not there to tee off long shots or put up heroic deeds, Thomas and Spieth carried on to and fro. It was definitely a bout for the title and Spieth feels that they battled it out in the final rounds, especially as both were in a tied up position. After considerable to and fro rounds, the final shootout happened. There were seven changes in leads before Thomas was able to pull away and methodically sealed his victory.

Spieth and Thomas have roots of friendship that run too deep. Hence, even if competitive differences come in they are able to see after that. As Spieth explains, the two of them grew up together. They had watched each other from their early teens and they had a friendship that was strong. Thomas however, must be feeling the pressure as Spieth has been collecting titles over the past few seasons at a fast pace. Thomas became part of the PGA Tour in the year 2015 at a time when Spieth had already won two major tournament titles and had five titles under his belt. Thomas admits that he feels excited for his friend, but it definitely makes him jealous to see the achievements of his friends which could have been his.