Webb Simpson is not the person to miss out any of the advanced technologies introduced into golf. According to Simpson it is very essential to utilize the latest technologies to develop one’s game. Simpson already tried out a number of technologies and the latest one that he is the body scanner. It consists of an iDXA scanner which supports dual energy x-ray. It is very useful for the players to practice in a particular way.

Webb’s first use of this scanner was in the month of March. He said that he wanted to strengthen his left side and the scanner is pretty helpful to it. It let him know the work percentage he has done and even shows the percentage of fat in his body.

Though Webb Simpson used it, but it is not meant for any particular sport. It can be used by any ordinary man also. But the scanner is really helpful to the superstars as it provides the exact results. After using this machine, Simpson was found extremely happy. He thinks that it is a waste of time to be in the gym for hour after hour. Instead it is essential to know the condition of the body and then work out accordingly. He machine does exactly the same thing. You can consult your trainer after the scan and then decide which part of your body needs extra bit of care.

Webb Simpson has been in terrific form since last one year. He became victorious in three tournaments in last thirteen months which includes the US Open. Such a superstar is always busy with handling the camera and sponsors. This machine, as he rightly points out, saves his time. And it is beyond doubt that Simpson has gained favor after using it.