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  3. Thank you soo much!!! This fixed my slice and now I played so good this season I made varsity for my highschool.  Last year I was shooting in the 50’s on a par 32 front nine and now I shoot in the 35’s.

  4. @Jayj1313 Not if you know the secret to grip pressure points in the hands!! This pro won’t tell you about this EVER!! Check out ” The golfing machine book or DVD by Homer Kelly”. Or, have a look at Lynn Blake videos here on YT! To say they are a real eye-opener is an understatement. It makes other golf pro’s look stupid!
    PS….That’ll be 25 bucks, thankyou very much!!! PMSL!! Good luck by the way!

  5. @martinavizcomm this is true of course but is much harder to replicate time and again. having the club in the correct position throughout the swing is the only way to hit straight repeatedly.

  6. you should not be doing a full release shot to start with. it will just cause bad habits. really the slice is your hips are ahead of your shoulders. get them in time and bingo str8… also dont focus on the ball……. focus ahead of the ball if it is back in your stance. you want to focus on the spot where the center of your chest would hit the ground on the balls path ingnore the ball.. your swinging on and arch, so focusing on the ball makes you toe it..

  7. It doesn’t matter if your clubface is open half-way back, or at the top of the swing. The clubface position is only ever important at IMPACT! Simply turn the hands to the left (Anti-clockwise) through the shot to instantly cure a slice! Peasy!

  8. These videos are great! Since watching these videos about a month ago my game has improved dramatically! The ball is going straighter with my long irons and woods and I have been able to reduce my number of strokes per hole because I am not losing balls and having to take a penalty. I am now working on getting more power but I am definitely playing more consistently. Thank you so much for these videos.

  9. the best lessons is geting to the range and practicing and trying to fix it on your own.
    i have a wicked slice and it helped me to slow it all down a little and try to swing smother the ball may not go as far but at least its straight.
    get out the and practice thats what really helps your game.

  10. I’m a novice golfer. My slice was so bad but very predictable. If I had the room I could get it in the middle of the fairway……but the ball would go 250 in the air to land 190-200. Using this set of videos…..my grip was all wrong. (again i’m a novice….never a lesson) I just played a round on Friday and was hitting my 3 wood straight as an arrow. Once 235 and once 220. Still slicing my driver a bit but I think i’m going to stick with the 3-wood until I get a little better. Thanks!

  11. forget opening and closing the clubface; it is all pre determined by the way you set up whether or not you will slice the ball – in particular the grip – if you don’t know how your grip affects your club path/clubface you will never really GET GOLF!!!!!!!!!!

  12. (my first post correced)

    What these guys call a ‘square’ clubface at halfway back is in reality almost a 45 deg OPEN clubface (and those 45 deg is something you still have to close with an action of your hands in the downswing = BAD!!). An actual square clubface is a 90 deg closed to the SWING PLANE halfway back, and this is what you should use to be able to use complete passive hands in the golf swing. Try that instead, and do not listen to these guys.

  13. But, then, many golfers LIKE to use an somewhat open clubface in the backswing, since it’s an power acc closing it going into the ball. Many pga players was taught this (oldschool) way, and has the coordination of hands to use it. Most amateurs don’t, and benefits most from totally passive hands in the swing. What I meant is, there’s really no rights or wrongs in golf swings as long as they do the stuff for the player using it. 🙂

  14. What he show as a ‘closed’ position is the actual SQUARE position. Align like that, and you get things right.

  15. Hi Dave,
    Thank You,
    I’ve been sliciing for 25 years off and on.
    Even with Cleveland Hibores. Tried changing my grip to what you recommended this morning.
    I have stop slicing my woods, in fact I had a slight draw. Used my old grip on irons as I alwats hit them straight.Just could never figure it out with the wood. It’s so nice to hit one down the middle after my first try. I’m look forward to play again later in the week. No more slicing woods off the tee = a more enjoyable game. Thanks.

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