12 thoughts on “Right Hand Drill Golf Lesson

  1. I never teach thinking about the right hand.  I hold the club with both hands very lightly, but especially the right hand. Reason being is that if you get to casting with the right hand you’ll hit the ball all over the place. The left hand should be dominant for a right handed player. If you set-up properly and have good shoulder turn and rythmn the right hand should not be a consideration.

  2. check out.. HITMANHAWKY.. vid on grip and release,,,must see what the left hand is doing at IMPACT the right hand ruins more swings ,,use the left hand first then you will let the right hand work….

  3. The problem is with his dead pivot work. He also has an over the top problem because he is not using his pivot. Pick up a copy of Hogan’s 5 lessons if you want to improve.

  4. Maintaining the right wrist angle, as the teacher is pointing out, is key to stressing the club shaft on the down swing by keeping the hands forward at impact. This is what is refered to as lag which allows the ball to any distance. This is why a tour pro can fly a 7 iron into the front part of a 185 yard green. The inability to create lag, due to swatting at the ball as the teacher refered to, is the reason a duffer hits a 4 iron the same distance as a 6 or 7 iron.

  5. If you look carefully at the teacher’s hands, his right hand never turns over. That’s the key to maintaining the “flying wedge.” By maintaining the right wrist angle, the club descends on a steeper angle into the ball which’ll result in a higher launch and more carry and distance. Also, by not fully releasing the right wrist, the shoulder and hip turn square up the club face as opposed manually flipping the club at the bottom of the swing.

  6. This is a good drill, but if you look at the teacher’s swings at the end, his wrists are straight at impact! Not cupped as he’d instructed.

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