Webb Simpson is surprised that PGA Tour doesn’t carry rulebook. The proud USGA champ, who is also the winner of US Open 2012 cannot accept that PGA Tour would be administered week-to-week via their own version of Golf Rules.

“I do not feel that we would be administered by any amateur organization”, stated Simpson who is seeming offended with no-rulebook aspect of PGA Tour.

“I do love USGA & I am friends with many officials endowed with the responsibility to run this esteemed organization. They work great and it’s remarkable how they come up with possibly the greatest of golf tours in the whole world in U. S. Open. However, we are the sole sport which as in my knowledge, is governed by some amateur organization.”

“What I feel is that there is a disconnect”, he continued.

“Where they would have power & where they must not have power.”

The golf star remarked that it’s not just he who feels that there’re 3-4 rules which simply do not convey any sense for this pro game.

“It is the rules which we still penalizing under the one hundred & fifty guys on the PGA Tour & our 18 rules staff feel that there is the need for change, yet these are not changed”, Webb stressed.

“We must not abide by any sort of rule…that is simply no rule, according to me”, Simpson looked pretty determined with his point.

The Ryder Cup 2014 team member does not feel that too many guys are worried by pending ban on anchored golf putting stroke. According to him, most of them are more concentrated on ticky-tacky rules such as what went wrong with David Frost at Champions Tour. David, the eventual champ of Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic, was penalized as he dropped the ball accidentally on the marker on green.