Adam Scott tied for the 27th spot after scoring 2-under par 69 in the opening round of the USPGA at TPC Boston. He is disgusted with his start and rightly so. The Queenslander would have been sharing the top with Seung-Yul Noh if he could utilize his chances.

Scott proclaimed earlier that his success would only be judged by the win in the playoffs of the FedEx cup. Accordingly he started brilliantly but his putting was disastrous. He was unable to convert several opportunities on the first nine holes. He himself considered his putting to be “pathetic”.

Naturally, Adam Scott is disappointed with his putting performances – though at least he can be thankful that he was only on the putting green, and not playing big money poker. He started with a bang and could have gone on to the top unless he made such mistakes. According to him if his putting were all right it would have been a five-under round. He hit a lot of good putts in the first nine but none of them made it to the hole. Then he completely collapsed and was nine shots off the pace.

Scott is focusing on his putting and he thinks his shots are good enough. He confessed that his mental strength is going to be tasted from now on. He desperately wants to finish this year with a good note. The only thing that might encourage Adam Scott is that the game is not over yet and he still has a chance.

Scott rejects the idea that it is a technical fault. What he thinks is that he is incapable of evaluating the pace of his game. Scott seems to be disturbed with his putting and it is causing him mental drawbacks. After a bad put the negative thought about the next shot is capturing his mind. He knows he has to get rid of that. If he affords to do so, Adam Scott will be sitting on top at the end of USPGA.