16 thoughts on “Golf Tips : Put Spin on the Ball

  1. He forgot to mention about the degree of the club. The higher degree your club is, the more spin your ball has.

  2. If your getting bits of golf ball on the surface of your club face you are probably putting spin on it; firmer fairways will also help as if you are striking well the bounce will come into play and work for you to apply more spin plus dry conditions help. Also sometimes you are putting spin on the ball but the greens are just not receptive enough for it too show. Hope that helps

  3. To create spin on the ball, a nice and quick drill is to; Take a remote or cellphone in your right hand and practice taking a stance and making the numbers face you when you draw your right arm back simultaneously making a full shoulder turn straight back. The only way you can put spin on the ball is by striking it faster and harder using less arms and hands motion. Hope this one helps.

  4. @phitennut usually on the back of the box it shows a diagram of the ball, usually balls that are about $30 or more have more layers. If you are still a beginner and lose golf balls, try buying refurbished golf balls like pro v1 /1x, pentas, tp red/black etc

  5. excellent video, he says in three minutes a hell of a lot, unfortunately some people watching it are even more stupid then stupid!!. Thanks Conan for all your helpful expert advice

  6. it usually says it on the packaging or on the ball on the opposite side of the manafacturers logo

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