Easy Hip Rotation Drill

By , January 24, 2013 5:25 am

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15 Responses to “Easy Hip Rotation Drill”

  1. Nevie Ortega says:

    This is a highly valuable golf lesson. Essential to hitting it long. Thanks Mel. We do forgive your accent…lol

  2. stone tiger says:

    Hi. Just started 6 weeks ago. I cant stop the loft, watched other guys and their shots have a fairly low trajectory through the initial shot… any pointers would be greatly appreciated!!!

  3. ralph gull says:

    Very great drill : It lets you feel and understand clearly. Thanks a lot !

  4. Ramsay Mery says:

    Stop at once.You could get seriously hurt.The hips keep you upright and you are able to walk.Golf is secondary.There are many ways of swinging a golf club.Check out the famous teacher John Jacob.Good Luck

  5. stuartk says:

    The Clap drill, isnt that what Tiger Woods caught.

  6. gmonkey808 says:

    the golf swing is not a natural action. That is why natural sportsmen cant just pick up a club and score well.
    There is a technical way to swing a golf club and that must be learnt before a player will do well.

  7. Spiriticeghost says:

    i did the half swing drill for about 4 days now and my hips are starting to hurt real bad is that a good thing or a bad thing? should i stop?

  8. stigsmada says:

    I have been on the fence about continuing with golf. One day it’s 90 and I’m thinking wow this is fun, few pars some blow up holes but actually kinda enjoying the day then BAM 105,109, and 115 Wtf just happened lol. My expectations are way too high I guess. But I found a ex pro who I have started to work with. Wow what a difference I went from beating balls at the range creating bad habits to with a little knowledge actually going to the range with something concrete to work with. I sway a lot

  9. MrA8figureman says:

    that was a simple, yet great drill. some people have no idea how to turn the hips and its so hard to explain it to them but this drill i told my friend and i got it the first time. He would extend his arms for anything, he couldn’t due to no hip turn now he can do it, and he ball goes so much longer. He was about to give up on golf but this has got him back into it.

  10. mrjamesgrimes says:

    Was totally surprise when this dude said 2011, from the looks on his golf bag yould have thought it was filmed in 1981

  11. David Burrows says:

    Great vid, never thought of it like that.

  12. golfschools says:

    Some people have more athletic ability than others, but I think anyone can bcome a reasonable golfer given the right tools to go about the task. Instuction from a good teaching pro, time on the range, the course and at home will all add up to a golf game you will enjoy. There are no short cuts, so hang in there and keep up the good work!

  13. thesofakingsatlanta says:

    I am a single digit handicap and it took me MONTHS of constant work to get from a 28.3 handicap to a 9.1. I spent hours on the course, the range, even 15-20 minutes a day in my house grooving my takeaway, backswing, downswing, etc…The thing is if you practice wrong you play wrong. You have to make sure you are practicing correctly. I think everyone can play golf well enough to at leats play bogey golf with the occasional round in the low 80s. it just takes a LOT of effort.

  14. dude616ful says:

    Cool very well explained for me Ty

  15. ROBTGBBSS says:

    ive been playing for years and have had numerous lessons…this year ive dedicated myself a lil more and still have no consistancy…do you believe that there are just some people that simply cant be a good golfer….im pretty good at most sports…golf im just horrible