The household normalcy has finally returned for Scott Stallings. Recently it served as a spot for college golfers as Scott Stallings and the US Open 2012 champ Webb Simpson hosted CGF (College Golf Fellowship) retreat in Knoxville.

Stallings told that those days were quite chaotic. Some players slept on his coffee table, kitchen table, bathtubs or in couches. But the days were really great. Everyone spent a great time. That was not all. There was a seventy man dodgeball contest as well as a service project. And the last event, all of them had a great golf session with Scott Stallings at his very own home golf course named Oak Ridge Country Club.

On Tuesday morning, Webb Simpson came with the crew to see them off, but he could not play. Later he went back to his home to spent time with his wife and kid. Twenty seven year old Webb Simpson told that this was his very first retreat. In fact, he was able to see firsthand how much fun it was; getting away and hanging out. He loves to hang out with those guys. He added he just loved their passion for this game.

An ex-N.C. State player Korky Kemp, joined the College Golf Fellowship in the year 2005. He also takes care of events in East Region. He told that gatherings at PGA Tour golfer’ are quite common. He added that they are a minister that comes out of the PGA Tour’s Bible study around thirty years ago.