5 thoughts on “Why you DON’T want to push off the right leg in the golf downswing

  1. Seriously? This is complete misinformation. If you want to be a shitty golfer don’t push off the right leg. If your worried about your hip go fishing. Don’t misinform people, every pro golfer pushes off with there right foot. The best ones do it as hard as they can. You are losing so much power it is not even funny. If you are just trying to teach old people a safe way to swing, that’s fine i guess.

  2. It’s in the video player under Phase 3, Loading the Right Glute. BoobTube won’t let me post a direct link

  3. avid, squatting is using the ground for leverage and a great thing in the swing so I agree with you there. Pushing off the right foot laterally is what I’m referring to here, not vertically.

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