11 thoughts on “Video Tip #3 “Right Shoulder”

  1. Very good exercise. It has helped me to finally understand better how the downswing should be executed.

  2. Great video – The role of the back shoulder and arm are not addressed nearly enough.Your all right for a Newyorker

    Boston George

  3. Checked out your swings – very impressive

    The straight line path can be simpler and easier to maintain — as you are executing our Explosive Golf School straight line delivery we like to see a gradual shift on the downswing of the shaft from the right turned shoulder to somewhere in between the elbow line and the right shoulder line – we have students monitor that gradual shift to ensure proper club travel — hope that clears it up for you! Enjoyed watching your swings very much

  4. Wonderful video lessons, that clear out a lot of haze in my eyes, I like the way you describe 2 different downswing paths in other video, you prefer straight line (rt shoulder to ball) rather than Sergio type, for me it tend to OTT if I do that straight line path . Pls check my swing if you don’t mind.
    I learn TGM, visited Manzella’s forum and learn Morad S$T.

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