11 thoughts on “Video Tip #3 “Right Shoulder”

  1. great video- but be careful what you say. He might bann you from his web site.

  2. Very good exercise. It has helped me to finally understand better how the downswing should be executed.

  3. Great video – The role of the back shoulder and arm are not addressed nearly enough.Your all right for a Newyorker

    Boston George

  4. Checked out your swings – very impressive

    The straight line path can be simpler and easier to maintain — as you are executing our Explosive Golf School straight line delivery we like to see a gradual shift on the downswing of the shaft from the right turned shoulder to somewhere in between the elbow line and the right shoulder line – we have students monitor that gradual shift to ensure proper club travel — hope that clears it up for you! Enjoyed watching your swings very much

  5. Wonderful video lessons, that clear out a lot of haze in my eyes, I like the way you describe 2 different downswing paths in other video, you prefer straight line (rt shoulder to ball) rather than Sergio type, for me it tend to OTT if I do that straight line path . Pls check my swing if you don’t mind.
    I learn TGM, visited Manzella’s forum and learn Morad S$T.

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