8 thoughts on “Understanding Golf – How to use the Right Arm correctly

  1. The fact is whilst you need to keep your right elbow ‘free’ on the back swing as Kip says, on the downswing it needs to be bought close to the hip whilst keeping the club lagged..This is what will prevent casting and  the ‘over the top’ move that gives the amateur the slice he inevitably experiences after following the ‘pro’ advice of ‘the arms follow the hips’ without a proper explanation!

  2. stay on plane and the right arm takes care of itself on the backswing.For the downswing swing you can cure an over the top move by stomping your left heel down to start the downswing.

  3. Sound advice and knowledge, many of us struggle with just what to do with that right arm…

  4. This helped me alot as i have been told my right elbow is always ataying out, although it is hard to prevent it from happening as im so used to it :/

  5. Good tip with regard to freeing up the right arm. I was one who tried to keep my right arm pinned tomy side and it always felt weird doing so.

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