If one ever talks about looping swing, then it is got to be Jim Furyk. It is because he has been consistently putting his golf ball on the toe or on the heel of the club instead of putting it conventionally into the center and then hitting it with his looping shot. But he never got off the high level he plays in most of the time. The fans have named him ‘The Grinder’, ‘The Businessman’ and what not to honor and appreciate that unique style of his. A former officially world number 6, he has been among the top 10 for a stretch of 1999 to 2010.

What would an ordinary 6 ft 2 inches golfer face in his mind when he is putting his hands almost on the thighs for an ‘extra’ close frame to take the shot? Obviously his starting point move can get killed but that is not the case for the 6 ft 2 inches Jim Furyk. Instead of using the classic launch application where the strong and tighter muscles are used like the ones at the back, shoulders and thighs, Jim utilizes the ones in his hands and wrists to take that close-frame shot just like the basketball player who uses his wrist to bounce the ball and get ready for the basket shot.

While taking the shot it looks like that Jim’s right elbow is almost getting detached from his body. Jim Furyk keeps his club shaft vertical while taking his signature shot. And then instead of taking an upswing he takes a downswing to bring his club to the right track of putting and thus creates the loop. Although a controversy-raiser in the beginning, Jim’s loop-swing has become a part of him now.