Simpson Loves Being Patient

Webb Simpson believes that patience must be one of the most important traits that every golfer should have.

He said that he has learned in his nine years at the PGA tour level that there is nothing one can achieve by being fidgety. You will only end up losing more than gaining. Playing the game with a clear mind and with lots of patience on your mind will help you to easily achieve your goals. Patience is what helped Simpson to lift the 2012 US Open at Olympic Club in San Francisco.

As most of the courses where PGA championships are held are hard courses, hence it is easy to make stupid mistakes when playing. Simpson says that you should get past your dumb mistake and concentrate on what is in front of you in order to achieve bigger things. He is a player who gives due importance to family and spends plenty of quality time with his family. Even in the middle of the Baltusrol US PGA tournament in New Jersey, he headed straight to the rented apartment that he had taken for a week to spend some time with his wife Doud and his four children.

Webb Simpson expecting a great week

Former Wake Forest golf star Webb Simpson told that he is looking impatiently to this week.

Webb, who missed around a month early this season along with a slight back complaint, is feeling a whole lot better these days.
Simpson is in line to play this week because of his 2012 U.S. Open win. Simpson said that he is healthy after taking around a month off from his muscle spasms. This has been a great few days, and he is really feeling great.
Simpson, now 30, is playing in his 5th Masters and he loves that. Simpson told that their kids are getting bigger, and Dowd and he is expecting their 4th so they are really blessed. He just love bringing the family there and on the course. He has to stay very patient. That is very significant around there.
Webb played in the par-three competition on Wednesday and he had a hole-in-1 on the 9th hole. Simpson, this season, has played in just 8 events but does have 3 top twenty-five showings.


Webb Simpson Flummoxed With No-Rulebook Aspect Of PGA Tour

Webb Simpson is surprised that PGA Tour doesn’t carry rulebook. The proud USGA champ, who is also the winner of US Open 2012 cannot accept that PGA Tour would be administered week-to-week via their own version of Golf Rules.

“I do not feel that we would be administered by any amateur organization”, stated Simpson who is seeming offended with no-rulebook aspect of PGA Tour.

“I do love USGA & I am friends with many officials endowed with the responsibility to run this esteemed organization. They work great and it’s remarkable how they come up with possibly the greatest of golf tours in the whole world in U. S. Open. However, we are the sole sport which as in my knowledge, is governed by some amateur organization.”

“What I feel is that there is a disconnect”, he continued.

“Where they would have power & where they must not have power.”

The golf star remarked that it’s not just he who feels that there’re 3-4 rules which simply do not convey any sense for this pro game. (more…)