After winning the US Open, Webb Simpson is elated for the birth of his second baby. He is ready to skip the upcoming British Open. It was anticipated that he will look forward to play in British Open, but it came as a surprise when he decided to skip it. His wife Dowd is expecting to deliver their second child in the latter half of the month of July.

The British Open will run from July 19-22. He had a glorious opportunity of winning both the US Open and British Open in a year and become the 7th golfer in the history to do so.

Simpson stated that what is more important is the birth of his child and he wants to be beside his wife at this stage of life. He is happy to put his family before his career. He stated that he is a man who loves his family very much and has the rest of his life to play British Open.

He is not the only professional golfer to skip any championship for the birth of his baby. Before the start of US Open in the year 1999, Phil Mickelson stated to the Press that he would leave the course in case his beeper went off. His beeper did not go off though and he had to satisfy himself with the second position.

Another golfer Jason Day faced similar situation last week during the US Open, when he said that he would also leave the course just like Phil Mickelson wanted to in case his wife went into an early labor.