There is much that you will be hearing about Rory this week, mostly related to his upcoming weekend wedding.

He is an international golfer of world rank number two and hails from Northern Ireland. He started to play professional golf in 2007. Being 27 years of age, Rory has had about 22 wins till date. Wedding bells are now in order for the game.

His fiancée and he would be married on 22nd April and it is being dubbed as the wedding of the decade. The venue being Ashford Castle in Ireland, the couple has selected this castle turned five star hotel as their wedding destination after spending two New Year’s Eve occasions here. Here’s hoping that the couple will carry off their wedding eventually as there had been a previous instance in 2014 when he had been engaged to Caroline Wozniacki, the tennis player that got called off abruptly. The Ilroy and Stoll have been engaged since December 2015.

There is much to look forward to regarding the wedding. Not only will it be on a grand scale, but there would be interesting personalities present to make the wedding a true star lit affair. Coldplay would probably be performing at the wedding as well as Ed Sheeran. Celebrity golfers would also be present at the wedding. With the Masters behind them for this year, Rory was hoping that a win in the tournament would have awarded him the legendary green jacket that he could have worn at his wedding. He finished tied at the seventh position instead and now he would be appearing as a married man at the next tournament that is the Players Championship. Fans would be glued to the social media channels through this week and weekend, wanting to know more about his whereabouts and how the wedding finally goes off.