16 thoughts on “Right Elbow Pull Back

  1. Well perhaps it may work for some ,, but I will not try that at all ,, in fact I rather try to shove butter up a cougar’s ass with a red hot needle than try to hit golf balls with that move !

  2. Yikes. This is dangerous and fundamentally incorrect. I have watched many, many hours of slo-mo footage of great ballstrikers through the years…NONE of them did anything like this. For a much better explanation of a good takeaway/backswing, check out Tom Kite here: watch?v=Rm7HdZ3nl0o …Tom Kite was one of the best ballstrikers on Tour in the late 80s/early 90s, and one of the greatest wedge players ever.

  3. The drill instructs you to pull the arms back – then turn – One plane swing is great it but this drill TRAINS your body to separtate the arms and torso. It also gets this golfers shoulders off plane at the top (check yourself – they are flat to the shaft plane at address)…because his body is now trained to separate..other than flipping his hands at impact, how would he square the club…with the positions shown the clubface would be wide open…jus say’n

  4. – These are (exagerated) instructions for a one plane type swing. It actually reduces the amount of flipping needed. I don’t fancy trying to tell you why…..all i’m saying is Hogan had it right 50 years ago….

  5. Sorry…can’t agree with this at all – disconnected right away – getting the club trapped behind you before u turn your shoulders and causing the swing to be so laid off that it promotes flipping the club at impact with the hands to have a chance to hit it flush. I don’t understand the principles behind this theory –

  6. What’s the problem with this? It’s just a drill as are the other videos put up by igolfbetter? Help me understand your comments.

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