English golfer Ian Poulter referred to another season of failure in the major championships as the one that got away, referring mainly to his amazing last day challenge at The Open before falling just short of the winning standard.

He mentioned that it was extremely disappointing to be able to get into that position that he got himself in and still not manage to get the job done.

However, he will easily agree that it was far better than the performance he put up at the Oak Hill at the US PGA Championship last weekend when he was part of the third group that went out of contention, finishing with the devil’s round, so as to say, with six birdies, six pars as well as six bogeys.

And in his own words, he found a very apt description of the round that he played, terming it partly as fantastic, partly as average and partly as very poor. Having been around the Tour for so long and still not managing win a major title will hurt Ian Poulter, especially when the likes of Justin Rose, Adam Scott and Jason Dufner, all of whom have tried and failed to win a major so far in their careers and all of whom are closer to the Englishman in age, managed to secure their first ever major triumphs this year.

And another thing that the Englishman has to keep in mind is his temperament after seemingly losing his cool after some fans were shouting around the course, taking to Twitter and asking whether they should be allowed to carry 10,000 volt tazers and tazer the fans he chose to refer to as ‘muppets’.

But all in all, Ian Poulter has a lot of work to do before the next major in April 2014 if he is to crack the ‘major’ obstacle.