8 thoughts on “Mike Bender Golf Tip: The Downswing Pt. 2

  1. I watching this drill of Mike’s which I agree is very helpful and I just could not help but notice how his HIPS are leading his downswing. hmmmm…what do you think about that?

  2. Part 1 and Part 2 are excellent. I have a problem coming over the top and this sounds exactly what I have been doing. You need the ground to create leverage and Mike is not going against this theory. I hear him say that the ground helps support the arms gain speed and using the hinge in the wrist will create power. The one question I have is when you watch pros from down the line, they show two cheeks at impact. So don’t the hips turn some before impact?

  3. best TIP ever. I have the over the top shoulders spinning out. This is gonna work. Be back in 1 month to re-post.

  4. you sound like a cult member. (keep drinking the cool-aid!) i’m glad you found something that works for you. that’s a good thing! 

  5. Mike puts “athleticism” back into golf. Hit the damn ball with your hands and arms and the body will automatically brace and support the flying arms! Today I was hitting my 60 SW 90+ yards with Mike’s right hand and arm “throwing a ball at the ground” motion. It was absolutely amazing! If you’ve been sold a bill of goods on how the body “lunges” over and the weight must be all the way over before the arms come down, give Mike’s videos a try. You going to find something awesome as I did!!

  6. This fact is really excellent and good to know, Mike!!!

    Even though i experience good ball contact and impact by using only my arms when downswing during my recent golf lesson from my home club, I still cannot believe this is the way to go. Now I can change my swing concept and thought as you said. Most of lesson pros out there only focus on body and leg move when downswing. Thanks again, Mike. I will try to keep practice and also change my thought on downswing. 

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