7 thoughts on “Kip’s Tip of the Day – Right Elbow Placement

  1. you want to keep your right elbow close to your body so that you dont get disconnected at the top of your swing. when you understand how to rotate your body through the ball properly keeping your right elbow in is very easy to understand.. message me if u want to know more

  2. enfin une bonne explication sur le coude droit au démarrage !
    Coller le coude droit contre le flanc droit au BS ne fait que rétrécir l’arc de swing et fait compenser avec les mains !

  3. Just don’t let your back elbow get behind your body or you’ll get stuck

  4. That happens when the origin of the take away comes from the hands(right elbow in). If you use the core to actually throw the weight of the arms off the body(avg. 12-15 apiece) it will free the rotation, stop lateral movement and allow the arms to be totally effortless in the down swing.

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