13 thoughts on “Keep Elbow Close to Hip for Proper Path

  1. This is a great tip to have consistent ball striking as well as to eliminate the slice or fade. Furthermore, a nice draw is possible with the correct club face angle and swing slightly off to the outside.

  2. At last, nothing complicated, but it’s taken me 40 years to find this out, it works brilliantly, no more over the top which has plagued me for ages with shanks, fat shots etc, golf is a great game and is now really enjoyable! Thanks for this!

  3. also this creates more lag and hence more power/clubhead speed at impact

  4. This is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen in my 23 years of attempting to play this great but complicated game. It can work wonders if you keep it clearly in mind when swinging. I tried it yesterday, and at the age of 73 the dowinswing move became coordinated and the shots flew far and straight. I stayed focused and relaxed. Thanks Brant and best regards from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

  5. Does this make sense to anyone?
    Because when I discover these things by accident, I always wish someone had told me years ago.

  6. For me, who struggles to clear his hips on the downswing, because I have always imagined pulling my left hip around, my eurika moment above involved not doing this, but PUSHING the right hip around.
    in this way, the near right elbow and the right hip, seem to move as one just before impact.
    This creates a helpful mental picture for me, and part of my overall objective to have a shallower swing, and thus more torque from my lower core.

  7. couple of comments about hogan below..
    is funny because I have his 5 lessons book, and you know it’s the images that stick in my head. My brain works better by imitating, so pictorial instruction works best. In brief my recent eurika moment on the range was inspired by just such a photo of hogan taken from behind just before impact. It’s a pencil drawing, but there are two things in evidence:

    1. the right elbow is close, as explained here
    2. the role of the right hip..

  8. yeah same for me, makes me turn the club over without really thinking about it

  9. Thanks for the ‘fix’. I have recently lost sight of this and needed the clear, specific reminder!

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