25 thoughts on “Keep Elbow Close? #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement

  1. It has to, if you’re leading with your elbow. If you don’t lead with your elbow, you’ll end up slapping with your arm.

  2. you’re definitely onto something there shawn, i’ve always kept my right elbow close in the backswing, last night i started practicing letting it go more freely and getting the arc of my swing a bit wider and i was absolutely crushing it, best i’ve ever hit the ball. thanks buddy 😀

  3. For right handed golfer you do want the right elbow close to the body at the top of the back swing correct? I find that if I let my elbow lift away from my body to much I cross the line really bad.

  4. @kuroineko77 – LOL – I noticed that too. Anyway, Shawn may not be a preacher, but he’s certainly the arch deacon of golf instruction.

  5. Couldn’t have said it better, Shawn! That those “fixes” are re-active and don’t address the bigger issues in the swing.

    Before I really got big into your methodology (which is really only explaining what the human body already does), I went for a lesson to straighten out my drive. He had me do a bunch of re-active things to straighten out flight path.

    While this did straighten it out, I was not even close to swinging to my full potential. It also felt forced.

  6. The reason the towel is used under the left arm is that the the left arm is tied to the side of the chest to square the clubface. This brings in a more consistent squaring of the clubface and prevents the dreaded chicken wing . Otherwise, you will have to depend on TIMING OR FLIPPING of the hands and arms. This will cause massive inconsistency. The part of your video where you show the swing with your arms tied to your chest shows just how little you know about the golf swing. Read B. Hogan.

  7. @theciskokidd Beginner or not; the action of the arms are not your job!! Do you have any Idea how amazing the human body on planet earth is and how it is already wired to do this?? You fear what you don’t understand and this is OK but please do something about it and see my “Ridiculously easy; Shawn Clement” part 1 and 2 videos and then my “Arms and Body; Shawn Clement” and “Stop Crashing; Shawn Clement” videos; the titles speak for themselves! Shawn

  8. The right arm lift isnt necessarily a bad thing, as long as you bring the club back down into the slot. For beginners I would not teach a right elbow lifting but a good example where it works is by watching Fred Couples. He just brings it back to the correct position.

  9. Great stuff Shawn!

    Have you found that by keeping the arms extended during the backswing, your spine angle and head brace against the left instep/leg remains much more balanced and intact? Those motions, in total, seem to work together beautifully. Thanks a mil.!

  10. @kuroineko77 yes he is !!! preacher of golf…and very good at it too!! get his videos, excellent and a steal with that price that he’s charging, plus ALL this free lessons on the YT. Generous, just like a preacher 🙂

  11. I think your taking the ‘elbow close’ too litterally! Its not ment for the backswing, just the downswing to the impact position. Of course you wouldn’t be able to make a complete backswing whilst keeping your elbow tight, that is right, but if you look at the tour pros almost every one will have their right elbow relatively close to their body during the downswing. If its good enough for them its good enough for me!

  12. @thefamiliepak No, No, NO! You need to watch the hammer thrower again! 🙂
    And you definitely don’t want to focus on keeping the arms close to the body to get speed; PLEASE SEE “Golf Pro lesson get more club speed and power” as well as “golf pro lesson feet together and one leg update”; I am glad you brought this up because I hear this too often! Shawn

  13. @ktkl68 Partly yes! The body turning out of the way of the arm swing into the backswing, yes backswing (see “golf pro lesson perpetual motion drill) will cause the arms to get pulled away from the body and arm getting pulled away from the body means arms going upwards! The right arm folding causes the wrists to hinge up and this provides lift as well; see “golf pro lesson takeaway and starting the swing” and “golf pro lesson momentum toss” part 1 and 2; Shawn

  14. @cobjob22 Dude; have you had a close look at a human skeleton and do you know the names of the bones in the arms? Do you know how much range of motion the shoulders have? I do! You have obviously not looked at many of my videos because if you had, you would not be leaving these comments; just seeing the “golf pro lesson learn your golf machine” with our life size in house Skeleton (which every single teaching pro should have) would do it for you; Shawn

  15. Hello
    Great video and thank you
    I have a question about the right elbow.. I may be wrong and if I am please correct me. After the takeway about the half swing, the folding of my right elbow is what elevates the club upward right? Without the folding of the right elbow the hands and the club will go deeper (inside) and will have a right elbow that is kind of disconnected at the top.. Please give me your advice. Thanks

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