14 thoughts on “Joe Laurentino, PGA “The Role of the Right Shoulder in the Golf Swing”

  1. @jmacbeth People eee it as the hands, but the shoulder startes the system – once the shoulder goes out and over, the arms and hands can only follow. Change the movement of the shoulder and those change with it.

  2. @lennonheads Thanks for the kind words. Any questions please feel free to email me and I’m glad you are enjoying my book – thanks for the support – I appreciate it.

  3. In Joe’s book his explanation of transition is unlike anything that I have read before. It is so easy to understand and execute and completely eliminates the “slide” in your swing. I cant remember any videos addressing what he puts forth. It has really made a difference

  4. Joe..I wish more PGA Teachers would talk about proper setup w/ the correct use of the right shoulder on the backswing..If executed properly..the downswing is simply a release w/out the tension (or hit impulse)..which tends to bring about the over the top move to begin with…

  5. I just bought his book…east to understand and to the point. Best buy that i have made in tears

  6. great point , thank you. i knew i was coming over the top, but it wasn’ t hands.
    right shoulder was cutting across, not down and under.

  7. @ddeuropeted Thanks Ted – a lot more videos to come this spring as soon as the weasther gets better here in New York!

  8. Great and simple example on how the right shoulder influences the downswing and when executed properly, gives a perfect swing. This is applicable to most golfers. Thanks

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