25 thoughts on “Incredible wii sports cheats,hints tips,tricks,and even bonus- SECRETS (walkthrough of the cheats)

  1. one time i was pacticing tennis when i had hitted a brick it disapeared and then my ball goed trough it and i lost the game and i was like WTF!

  2. @Samin8r1 I’ve done it more than 10 times … but each time the ball falls off the rail before it gets to the back. Oh well … just one of the unlucky ones.

  3. Many of you may know this. During baseball, if you press B you get curveball. If you press A+B you get a splitter. If you press A you get screwball

  4. Your cheats are really good, but about the tennis super serve..When you become a pro (I am one) they can hit it, if you hit it at the right moment.

  5. @spirittoo yo dude i just did it today,and try doing 1 click,it took me like 10 times anyways.

  6. Bowling didn’t work for me … the ball would just roll off the gutter to the left … try adjusting … still won’t work.

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