24 thoughts on “Golf Tips – The Down Swing – Large Muscle Movment

  1. You might not believe me Ron,I am applying your 300 yards+ swing to every clubs in my bags, from 5i to sand wedge and it works, bravo you are a great Teacher.I getting good draws with that swing on all my shots.Thanks

  2. It is so true and also It should be called a forward swing and not a down swing. This is why most players try to pull down their arms and the club and never find the right side. Power and plane comes from right side. Left is just a connection between the body and the club.

  3. This is super helpful. I use a few of these tips and they have helped me a lot. This video is really well done thanks for sharing it. Everyone should take note of these tips!

    I found some other great tips for driving check them out in my profile!

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  6. gotten up on 40 golf lessons over few yrs but nobody sorted my golf out more than this guy, suffered constantly from a horrific slice but the early head movement drill along with passive hands drill has got me playing most enjoyable golf of my life

  7. ron this looks a lot like a stack and tilt swing which is a lot easier swing for us mortals -thanks all your advise is great

  8. Talking about Golf grips, When you pick up a golf club your hands are the only part of your body that touch the club. For many years the hands (grip) have often been referred to as the steering wheel of the golf swing. I don’t believe this could be more true. Gripping the golf club correctly makes playing this game a much better experience. w w w (dot) golferbreak80 (dot) c0m

  9. wow his back swing is not even close which makes showing the downswing 10 times worse

  10. Wow. This was posted forever ago and no one replied. Haha. Well, I’ll do it:P
    One reason could be is that the forward press you have at address is too great. That’s what it is for me, so it might be the same with you.

  11. this works well with wedges and short irons and makes chipping much more accurate for me, but if i try and be this passive even with a 6 iron, i loose about half the distance!

  12. Good tip but I wish you actually turned on the backswing and created more width bcuz that’s really important. In the vid it looks like you are picking the club up and taking it back. I know that you are trying to illustrate a point but some folks won’t know the difference and do the exact same thing. This is a great tip. If I had known this a while back I would have had a more consistent swing. Thanks!

  13. he’s not casting bcuz that happens when you start the downswing with the shoulders. His focus is getting people away from casting bcuz they want to swat at the ball. Drop da arms first to waist level then turn using the shoulders not the hands and you will have perfect inside-out swing and never cast the club. It looks like he cast in the demo because he didn’t talk about mainting the angle in the downswing.Find a vid on that & da release in addition to watching this, you have the complete swing

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