12 thoughts on “Golf Tips Magazine— The Truth About Lag

  1. truly is a bad video…and he does have SIGNIFICANT lag as you can see in the video…so he says don’t lag but clearly he does…

  2. Well that only works if you are ahead of the ball with your body! For the “average” golfer, he/she is not going to be ahead. By this I mean weight shifted. If the “average” golfer uses this tecnic, he/she is going to hook it 75% of the time!

  3. look at his position at 1:59, totally wrong, his hands are behind the ball, when they should be in front of it, he doesn’t understand lag at all, lag is where at impact the hands are in front of the ball and in front of the club head, the club “lags” behind the hands and the swing bottoms out past the ball, this is why pros take huge divots w/o losing distance b/c they hit the ball first then the club enters the ground, terrible lesson

  4. What club this guy say he worked at? Head instructor? Word to the wise… if you wasn’t golf lessons stay away from this club. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. I literally laughed out loud when he quoted Nicklaus.

    “you cannot release the club too soon IF YOU ARE COMING IN FROM THE CORRECT PATH”

    He wasn’t saying that you can’t release the club too soon. He was saying that if you are on the correct path you won’t need to worry about it because you won’t release too soon.

  5. i have several points to make, A. you dont have a clue what lag is…lag is retaining the angle between the left wrist and the left forearm, thus keep the sole of the club flus with the ground. WHAT IS NOT GOOD ABOUT THIS? B. If you keep this angle coming down and hold the loft of the face with the right hand you cant hit it left, and ohh wait, you cant hit it right either. C. I hope you arent teaching people stuff in this video, becuase they’ll be hitting blocks and hooks all day

  6. But, Nicklaus’ actual quote was “release the club immediately from the top AS LONG AS YOU MOVE TO YOUR LEFT SIDE”. Nicklaus said nothing about path. For Nicklaus, slamming his left heel back onto the ground and aggressively shifting his lower body while keeping his head behind the ball slotted the club on the correct path anyway. And if you look at Nicklaus’ transition move to impact, he loaded the shaft and had more lag than anyone ever did. Golf is a game of opposing ‘feels’ and ‘reals’.

  7. This dudes clubface is way open at the top so he would slice it if he held the lag, and hence has to flip it to square up the clubface.

  8. Interesting too how you seemed to do pretty much what you said not to do.
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  9. This will make the “avg” golfer throw his hands at the ball resulting in fat shots and big old pull hooks. He won’t clear the lower body, the club will come in too steep.

    The better golfer, whose club is on plane and whose lower body has cleared properly won’t need to worry about releasing too soon. Remember, he quoted Nicklaus: “if you are coming in from the correct path”

    Good players bump the hips left and clear allowing full release and never worry about the ball going left or fat.

  10. What a bunch of misleading crap. Tell that to the average player and you’ll have all the early extension you can handle with divots starting two inches behind the ball. Awesome.

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