8 thoughts on “Golf Tips, Lessons & Drills – Ask The Pro (Episode 1)

  1. I am a new golfer and taking lessons. My instructor is say basically the same as in hit down on the ball. Is there any execise that I can do the help me with my swing?

  2. It CAN be a byproduct depending on how well you can pay attention to your own spine angle. I do have a hip action video also.

  3. Is that forward hip movement on the downswing(that you read about in so many golf magazines, yet I find so elusive) a voluntary active movement to shift the hip forward, or is it merely a byproduct of one trying to maintain their spine angle?

  4. Just to understand what you’re saying, Steve…By having a proper setup (spine tilts) and maintaining that spine angle through to impact, the concept of ‘staying behind the ball’ properly should happen naturally? Seems to make good sense.

  5. best golf instruction i have ever seen – makes a lot of sense!!

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