25 thoughts on “Golf Tips : How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball

  1. Wow what a fag, can’t speak doesn’t show you if it spun or not, you kidding me, look like he hit behind it lol , fat ass

  2. wow, awful, we need to hit down on it so we put it in the front of our stance, moron

  3. @sciottod dont call him a joke hes made the effort to go out and upload a video teaching people how to improve their golfing skills, it doesnt matter whether he is wearing a superman belt, your one of those people who sit indoors doing nothing trying to make people feel bad. LOOSER

  4. Rolling up the club face doesnt put spin on the ball. It creates a knuckling effect. And why does the Joke have superman’s belt?

  5. in order to put spin on the ball you have to basically hit as an announcer would say “all ball” and you dont put it forward you put it more back in your stance

  6. To hit “down on the ball” you gotta play it BACK IN YOUR STANCE, not forward by the belt-buckle. The more forward you play it the club will catch the ball on the upswing motion which is not we want.  FUKIN MORONS all of them, there are very few good instructors on youtube but that does not suprise me, since they want you to PAY MONEY to learn anything. The more confused they make you the faster you will run to get help……

  7. WHy do you insult someone’s appearance? Shows everybody how much respect you have for other people.

  8. iam sure it helps out a lot if u got some clubs thats worth a crap, mine jus dont get th job done.

  9. @v1BLiNGvKiNG1v ya u are! I do it just like that and i’m a pro golfer you idiot!

  10. no one considers the importance of the green
    if the green isnt finely cut its not going to spin for shit

  11. @master777775 i live there….. it really isnt too good haha but it is better than the course that i play on

  12. if you really want to spin the golf ball have clean grooves and a 3-5 piece ball. mainly keep your strernum centered over the ball as well. also try to nip the smallest section of the ball, it will make the ball roll up the face as fatty mcgee said up there in the video. hope this helped. i am a kid by the way.

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