4 thoughts on “Golf Swing Myths – Gorilla Grip

  1. Chuck,
    Please upgrade your microphone setup to a remote unit you can clip to your shirt. This video was hard to hear and the information you provide is not to be missed.
    Sorry to be a whiner.
    Best regards – Aaron

  2. This video is informative, but the music is annoying and only gets worse as the video progresses. It made listening to the instruction difficult especially when Chuck turns sideways and speaks.

  3. Chuck: Yes I used to have my elbows rotated out at address because I wasn’t retracting my shoulder blades. I tended to have a sore left elbow coming down the last few holes. I enjoyed your interview a few months ago with Fred Greene on the Golf Smarter podcast.

  4. Chuck: Great observation of this myth. I’ve always believed that posture determines grip. If you have bad posture and have developed a grip that is comfortable, by definition you must have a bad grip. Scap stability is a huge issue that is ignored by most golf professionals. There is a lot of confusion around the idea of t-spine mobility, shoulder mobility, and scap stability.

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