9 thoughts on “Feel Right Golf-Cure Flying Elbows

  1. the arms do disconnect at the top of the swing, it’s unnatural to keep your right elbow pinned to your body and it will be a huge power loss and can cause you to tilt towards the ball to complete your turn, look at any tour pro swing from down the line, you won’t see any with elbows pinned at the top of the backswing, they disconnect, then it gets back in position in the downswing, and to the contrary, there have been many champion golfers with a flying right elbow

  2. Consistency is the name of the game. And if the path of the club is consistent, then your strike of the ball will be consistent. Keeping the elbows in position as shown by this video will make the weekend golfer (who rarely practices) consistent from the get go. FIRST consistency and then distance. I swing exactly as demonstrated by this video and I hit my 7 iron 160 yards…..consistently! All my other irons are 10 yards apart. I have a 3 handicap. I am 65 years old.

  3. @dschultz6072 i hear you and have noticed that. But I actually suffered from the shanks for years. My cause was a locked up right arm that pushed the club away from my body. I would do a “fake turn” and couldn’t return back down to the ball because I was out of balance and out of position.
    swinging with my feet together or tucking something under my right arm pit helps me fold the elbow down (initially) and free up my turn. It changed my game, BUT, i have noticed what you said.

  4. this isn’t really a flying elbow like nicklaus had. this is some jacked up eamonn darcy jacked up elbow that if anyone has to deal with, god help them.

    there’s more than one guy who had this “flying right elbow ‘problem'”. i’ll name a few…bobby jones, sam snead, fred couples… listen to what brian manzella has to say on this matter. for me, unless i let my right elbow fly, i can’t turn worth a damn and just feel all cramped up in my shoulders.

    just my 2 cents. oh, jamie sadlowski?

  5. The rest of us don’t have Nicklaus’ talent though – if you can drop your right elbow in to brush your trouser pocket on the down swing then fill your boots. Otherwise shut up, as it’s a common fault for the average player.

  6. When you win 18 majors flying your elbows, post your amazing tips. The rest of us will try to keep improving.

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