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  1. @kingly71 what are you talking about… chuck cook is a top 50 instructor anyways, but what your talking about is a very old golf swing where a reverse c is your finish position, This is very bad for your body and causes lots of unneeded movement. You dont want your club to get across the line and the top that promotes hooks and slices and puts more stress on your back. You actually want to keep both elbows close to your body throughout the swing. i bet you hit it far but very inconsiistenly

  2. @TheNYgolfer Jack didn’t really have too much of a ‘flying right elbow’ check his vid’s although it wasn’t as vertical as some. Players such as Couples and Furyk, plus Darcy have a true ‘flying elbow’ but through immense natural abiltiy and a lot of work they were able to control it.
    On your other point, ref the towel/headcover drill. This does promote narrower swing arc, resulting in less power, but it is really designed to compensate for the ‘flying right elbow’ and promote the right ‘feel.

  3. 2 words in favor of the flying elbow
    If one knows what to do with the flying elbow (reconnect it to the hip PRIOR to turning the shoulders) it can be a great advantage to ones game.The clubhead will come less sharply from the inside and the clubface will stay looking at the target longer.It also allows for a large swing arc.Those are the 3main reasons Jack prefered the “flying right elbow”.The headcover drill promotes a flat swing plane with resulting loss of power+accuracy

  4. he is 100% correct. i just learned this today and it made a world of difference out on the course for me today. my drives were much straighter and many more were in the fairway. thanks chuck

  5. @steckleinjr Yeah but then the right elbow comes back to the side if it leaves.The tip where you keep it there all the time is mostly for the novice so they get a connected feel because they are all over the place.Hogan stayed connected then disconnected to widen the arc then he reconnected to find the slot and shallow out.Eventually the right shoulder will help you feel the connection you need.I agree lots of varying opinions on this subject.

  6. interesting. another “top 100” instructor (kip puterbaugh) wants right elbow seperated? i don’t know about this one, chuck

  7. Thanks so much chuck for the great advice. I’ve been trying to correct my pull all summer. Now I’m hitting the ball straight as ever!

  8. This worked brilliant for me, as long as i controlled all of the swing (back, & through) using the left side of my body…well chuffed…thanks!! PS This also is a good cure for the shanks, er, i mean the sh**ks!!! -DOH!!!

  9. No offense chuck but I’ve found Jeff Ritters videos to be extremely more helpful and encourage golfers to learn from him. He makes everything easy.

  10. This drill is not good for pullers at all. By keeping the right elbow tucked in, you are going to get the club laid off, which will lead to an more out to in path. By all means flatten your swing plane if you can, but don’t do it by focusing on tucking your right elbow in. You’re going to want to work on turning your upper body away from the target, and if anything let the right elbow fly a little, that gets the club a little across the line which promotes a more in to out path.

  11. I agree, I’ve been watching all kind of golf instruction videos lately, these are the best I’ve seen.

  12. Great video,

    I am having a problem with this drill; when I use it I get a slight train in the right hand side of my neck.

    Have you any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?

    I suspect that I may be trying to restrict my backswing with my neck and not my right leg but I am not sure.


  13. Chuck,
    I watch a lot of golf videos on youtube and tried the tips later on the range. I must say your videos are the best, better than shawn’s better than Hank’s.
    Like the
    Cause –> Possible mistakes –> Drills and Tips to cure mistake
    Helps you to understand and than cure the bad swing habbit. Keep the good work up.
    Greetings from Poland 🙂

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