25 thoughts on “#9 Back spin – Bionic Gloves Hands on Golf Podcast

  1. this guy DID NOT ANSWER ANYTHING… i kinda hope that he falls into a water hazard…

  2. if golf balls are now rated in spin rate, what is a good rate in terms of spinning for golf balls

  3. screw you .
    how do we know it worked and it did backspin.
    Maybe a retard would think you were talking sense:(

  4. OK, and when you gonna tell us how to spin it? Good camera work. I think his ball was spinning like mine.

  5. couldn’t get spin with duff balls. Got some V1s and ripped the ball back off the green with my first approach shot.

  6. The reponses here are better than the video. They need to show in very slow motion how the clubhead comes down on the ball.

  7. set up the ball on your back foot, turn your legs left so they are aiming left of your target. dip your left shoulder on the upswing and rotate the right on the follow through. make sure your grooves are clean and space your legs closer together. hope this helps

  8. Hi Guys!

    Honestly whatever this video demosnstrated or talked about won’t help you spin the ball at all! The best way to get spin is solid ball striking. And the closest thing for you to attain ball striking excellence is for you to learn the Austin Compound pivot

  9. All you have to do is:
    -Hit down on the ball
    -Make clean contact

    To do this you have to:
    -Have soft hands
    -Hold your lever(aka lag the club)

    Try not to release your hands too early. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t let those hands flip. Just hold your wrists from the top of the backswing. Use your body and have soft hands. Peace

  10. 1st, if your only hitting your sw 50 yrds you may not be generating enough power for backspin, try a lob wedge from that distance.
    2nd,premium balls are required, try a pro v1
    3rd sharp grooves are needed.
    4th you need soft greens
    5th practice by hitting shots into the wind
    6th back to front sloping green helps!
    7th nice clean crisp strike ith ball back in your stance,
    there is a lot you need for spin, and once you get it, you will try everything to get rid of it,

  11. I have tried everything and i stil cant get backspin. If anybody know please tell me. Id be trying to get backspin from 50 yeards thats when i need it the most. I use a 56 degree Sandwedge so i herd that the more loft the club has the more backspin you get???? So if any body knows please tell me!

  12. Sharp wedge grooves are essential for getting backspin.
    These tools are great! Ebay item: 300246541639

  13. The Club helps too cause my taylormade wedges were hard to get spin with but my new CG14 with zip groozes or my friends vokey design, i have a hard time controling spin and the whole ball thing is bullshit, all it does is give a hint of spin for retards who can’t spin. I’m able to get backspin with a noodle….in the end though it depends on your swing, if you hack you won’t get spin. period

  14. agestag, how the hell is he supposed to explain it without talking, also to pinch the ball you need to swing into the ball at a little bit steeper of an angle hoping to take a divot, you want to try to contact the ball first

  15. Its is really hard (impossible) to spin the ball out of the rough..

    It is easiest to get backspin out of the fairway & bunker.

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