PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – Correct Knee Bend in the Golf Swing

By , October 3, 2012 7:57 am

Golfing Ideas Video Score: four / five

7 Responses to “PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – Correct Knee Bend in the Golf Swing”

  1. shandyjack says:

    this guy knows everything about golf!

  2. swing2 says:

    Why did you wear long trousers then, and shoot from “down the line” so we could not see what you were doing ???

  3. daiswing says:

    One of the best teachers of golf.He’s really helped me afters years of trying so many ways of inproving.THANK YOU.

  4. viper999999999 says:

    This tip made a huge difference in my swing! This guy is very good!

  5. jonrockssocks says:

    pretty good instruction.

  6. Raymond Wang says:

    This guy has helped a lots of people! I’ve learnt a lot from him! Master!He is kind of diffirent than my owned Pros who always teach you how to swing, but don’t konw how to fix!prostrating…………

  7. ih8ignorantpeople says:

    I love this guy he has fixed my slicing problem