Golf Tips & Etiquette : How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball

By , March 31, 2011 12:13 pm

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24 Responses to “Golf Tips & Etiquette : How to Put Spin on a Golf Ball”

  1. GoodGolferMan says:

    Found 3 things today to make me a better golfer!!
    1. Tiger Woods slow motion golf swing video
    2. GrooveSharpener. com—golf tool for more backspin
    3. And now this video

  2. tommynnocker says:

    @bikemaster300 yea…i reckon, to many of these tutorials never show what happens to the ball after the swing!?

  3. dbjones254 says:

    He doesnt know what hes talkin about

  4. bowhunter14870 says:

    Drink a shot every time he says golf ball

  5. gregrutz says:

    And you need a soft ball, he forgot that part.

  6. bikemaster300 says:

    i want to see if he actually got any spin

  7. wongsaks says:


  8. littlec916 says:

    @IwishIcouldFC you can turn captions off you know?

  9. SoccerProdigy1997 says:

    @telescope3 to bad this isn’t Expert Village this is EHow

  10. watertonrivers says:

    @telescope3 You are absolutely correct. Wanna learn how to get spin on a golf ball, two of the greatest–Trevino and Michelson.

  11. blackopnoobs101 says:

    that was a nice vid. good job

  12. texaco121 says:

    I didn’t see the divot after the line!!

  13. fencerspinley says:

    I didn’t see any spin…

  14. SPINNERDISK1 says:

    Imagine landing the spinnerdisk inside the hole without fancy equipment. check out ultimate spinnerdisk. the latest improvement in disc golf.

  15. GST1974 says:

    Is high backspin only for short irons or is it possible to do this with longer clubs as well?

  16. MobileGolf says:

    Easy to follow explanation of how to put spin on a golf ball !

  17. robgolfer66 says:

    wish i could’ve seen your divot???

  18. smokeyandcraig says:

    @RochesterCycling ever think of turning off captions?

  19. pork7412 says:

    @ssssssspps A draw is a good thing… and the giant divots aren’t that bad.

  20. srfin24 says:

    that was fat shot

  21. ssssssspps says:

    @sndd0138 true.  i took a lesson and the guy made me worse. he moved the ball back in my stance and now i only hit draw shots and take huge over size divots. he messed up my golf career.

  22. internetinfo2010 says:


  23. RochesterCycling says:

    Good. Put the text right over the main subject of the video. Excellent. I didn’t really want to see the club actually hit the ball. I just wanted to hear it.

  24. samskinner4 says:

    golftips100.  blogspot. com/