‪Excerpts from the Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training DVD — www.tourangle144.com‬

By admin, November 2, 2013 11:08 am

Golf Ideas Movie Score: 3 / five

4 Responses to “‪Excerpts from the Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training DVD — www.tourangle144.com‬”

  1. DirtyGhetto says:

    Should I get? Contemplating it, i am liking that posture/set up help

  2. Joel Tadman says:

    This is one of the worst pieces of video editing I’ve ever seen. It cuts to another clip before the guy makes the point or finishes demonstrating the drill in the previous clip!

  3. 2525zophy says:

    I understand the concept of the aid and have a feeling it will work, but why in the world would you think, showing a bunch of videos that cut off when you are about to see the potential of the aid, a good idea? Does Nike sign a contract with a golfer and find out if they can play golf later? Just think of the thousands more you would have sold. I have never seen a infomercial that makes you learn what a product will do, only if it is purchased.

  4. 2525zophy says:

    Why do you have a bunch of videos that only show half of what it suppose to do? Looks like a gimmick to me.